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Programming, Art, Sound and Game Design
Riley Neville
Level and Game Design
Noah Seymour
Music and Additional Sound Design
Stijn van Wakeren
Lucas Suarez
Marketing and Community
Paper House
Terry Burdak
Screwtape Studios
Programming - Anthony Wood
Production/QA - Megan Summers
Altagram Group
CEO - Marie Amigues
COO - Alexis Boutonnet
Project Manager - Jared Swift
Linguistic Coordinator - Hagen Hamm
Senior Localization Engineer - Wolfgang Hoffmann-Schoenborn
Italian Editor - Kirstine Spinosi
Spanish Editor - Pedro José Sepúlveda
Chinese (Simplified) Editor - Xuan Pan
Aaron Gregory
Ben Dent
Ben Drury
Brendan Keogh
Caleb Seymour
Cameron Darragh
Clouds McGee
Cypress Reeves
Fynn Williamson
Harry Howie
Jacob Pennell
Jake Fortescue
Jon Cartwright
Koby Wise
Mel Taylor
Michael Hughes
Rex Lin
Theodore Teo
Special Thanks
The Squiggly River Games Collective
Landfall Games
Bec Seymour
Wayne Seymour
Angela Higginson
Charles Neville
Elliot Neville
Liuissa Zhen
All the spiders in our backyards